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Voucher Code for December 2016
LalalaX - Discount Code Picker Malaysia : S-Shopping

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FAVOURITES-RM10RM5012/09Min Spend $50 / All-Time Extra $10 OffAll
LOVEBEAUTY15%RM15RM012/07Max Disc Of $15 / 15% Off Beauty Addicts FavouritesAll
HOLIDAYS-RM7RM5012/07Min Spend $50 / Extra $7 Off Holiday EssentialsAll
READYSETGO-RM7RM5012/07Min Spend $50 / Extra $7 Off Wanderlust & Jetsetters - For HimAll
VACAYBABES-RM7RM5012/07Min Spend $50 / Extra $7 Off Wanderlust & Jetsetters - For HerAll
FLEXSHP1-RM0RM112/07Grab Exclusive Items For $1 Use Code Visit ComMy/Flexiroam To Redeem NowAll
CHATSHP1-RM0RM112/05Its 's First Anniversary Are Flir-Tea Or A Swee-Tea? Find Out r Chatime Saltea Cheese Personality, And Claim r Favorite Item For $1All
SANDISKGEEK-RM7RM4012/05Min Spend $40 / Extra $7 Off Sandisk Official Shop LaunchAll
GNCSPECIAL15%RM20RM012/05Max Disc Of $20 / 15% Off Gnc Official Shop LaunchAll
WELCOME712-RM10RM2012/10By anonymousNew

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